A portrait of DALL·E, by DALL·E.

Has Creativity Just Become Democratized Or Demoralized?

DALL·E is now in beta testing and adding one million users to the platform.

3 min readJul 20, 2022


DALL·E enables people to create, share, and collaborate on creative projects. The use of AI on the platform will allow for more personalization and customization of content with the use of a simple text description. From photo realism to the style of a great master, DALL·E will produce original art with the press on a button. And now, the platform will reach out to the masses.

This will result in a more diverse range of content and a greater variety of voices being heard. This is a profound change that will enable more people to express themselves creatively and connect with others who share their interests.

As announced by OpenAI:

Starting today, you get full rights to commercialize the images you create with DALL·E, so long as you follow our content policy and terms. These rights include rights to reprint, sell, and merchandise the images. You get these rights regardless of whether you used a free or paid credit to generate images, and this includes images you’ve created before today during the research preview.

Take a step back, and perhaps even a deep breath.

The implications of the DALL·E are truly transformative. The domaine of art has been shifted from the artist to the consumer. In essence, we’ve democratized an aspect of creativity. But that’s not a gloom and dome perspective for the salons of Paris or the accomplished artist. Technology augments the creative process and drives innovation in new and provocative ways. Expanded access AI-based creativity, inexpensive resources, and the “out of the box” cognitive capabilities of DALL·E will empower, not suppress.

Technology is a tool that can help make us more human. It can help expand our sensory awareness to broaden our perspective. An example is the evolution of the camera. The camera didn’t replace the fine art portraiture, it expanded the nature of capturing our human images and pushed the evolution of art forward. And now, that expensive (and out of touch) Nikon or Leica camera has been democratized to live in the hands of people around the globe. The portrait, has emerged in the context of…




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